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Rupert Murdoch Is Being Investigated By The Government For Using 'Mafia Tactics' On Rivals

Something Else He Has In Common With Madonna

October 24. 2011


Rupert Murdoch

Mafia Tactics

Background: This item is another in the ongoing series of articles, regarding the News International/News Corp phone hacking, hacking and illegal wiretapping scandal and as it relates to the companyís CEO, Rupert Murdoch and one of his associates in Hollywood, copyright infringing singer, Madonna. As mentioned previously, but for those new to the site, I broke the story first regarding the scandal, via a formal complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police in London in October 2005. Six months later, they began making arrests. The case picked up speed again this year and in total about 14 people have been arrested.

My unpublished articles I'd written for my websites, were being hacked and copied from my computers and emails, then published in News International papers as scoops and exclusives. Items I privately discussed over the phone with musically and politically connected people, were also used in later published News International articles VERBATIM as they had been spoken over the phone days prior. Preexisting, unpublished, Library of Congress copyrighted music and films I authored that were stored on my computers, were illegally copied and later used by Rupert Murdoch's Fox and 20th Century Fox (News Corp), among others, for profit, which Madonna and her sick Hollywood cult Kabbalah, which Murdoch and his daughter Elisabeth are in, leading the illegal charge. 

New: This month it was announced, Rupert Murdochís News Corp is being investigated by the U.S. government for "mafia tactics" in crushing rivals, whose assets he and associates stole, while conspiratorially and deliberately driving them out of business, in a bid to criminally line his bank accounts with ill-gotten gains. It has been revealed, Murdoch and co. would threaten other corporations (manufacturers, suppliers, distributors ect...) not to do business with the companies he targets to pillage and destroy, lest he turn that abusiveness on them as well, driving them out of business too.

Bloomberg and other mainstream publications have revealed this month, Murdoch and co., used "mafia tactics" to threaten, harass, terrorize, rip-off, rob and bully businesses they enviously sought to illegally strip of their assets, such as copyrights and patents, then destroy. 

If you remember, in my 2009 lawsuit and in a number of my exclusives which predate these recent facts in Bloomberg and other publications (see: paragraph 16 in the aforementioned lawsuit) and the lawsuit before it against Madonna, I flat out stated, brazen " mafia tactics" were used against me. Therefore, I didn't read about it somewhere, I have lived it and sounded the alarm regarding it online and in court papers. Madonna's ex-boyfriend Chris Pacello, who has lived in Miami and one of her relatives is in the mafia. Her private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, is in the mafia as well.

Vicious, violent mafia type threats were issued against me in public settings they stalked me to, over Madonna and News Corpís criminal theft of my very valuable copyrights that they began using and their impatience and anger that I did not bow to their illegal behavior, by giving up and letting them steal 20-plus-years of my copyrighted labor unchallenged.

My Copyrighted Catalog contains 14,000 songs, 1000 movie scripts, movie treatments and short stories, 30 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 100 photo treatments, perfume, clothing line, nano-technology, a solar cell phone and thousands of other items that the aforementioned losers have been criminally helping themselves to, taking credit and payment for my PREEXISTING work, while butchering and devaluing the copyrights.

As written in my 2009 lawsuit, before the police and others went public this year and confirmed this type of criminal misconduct from Murdoch and co., against innocent people they target to rob of their companies' assets, I was and continue to be stalked in public by individuals in Kabbalah they send to follow me around and approach me with violent threats and harassing speech and deeds, week after week (I have witnesses and mobile phone photos of them that attest to this). It has been outright abuse and bullying and in public. 

I have been hacked and cyberstalked everyday, as confirmed by qualified computer technicians, sent threatening and harassing emails, some of which contained death threats, assaulted and nearly run over and killed in deliberate acts by people from Madonna's sick cult Kabbalah. My home has been broken into many times, as attested by police reports, where copies of DVD-ROMs with newer copyrights I authored on a computer that does not connect to the internet (can't be hacked with no internet connection), were stolen and used shortly after by Madonna, Murdoch and their affiliates in Hollywood. No home I lived in had ever been broken into, until this case.   

In 2008, after I went public with the aforementioned claim regarding the attempted vehicular homicide, it later came out in the criminal trial of Anthony Pellicano, the private investigator to Madonna, Murdoch and Kabbalah, that attempting to run people over with vehicles was a tactic he used, when he couldn't find any dirt on the surveillance targets stars paid him $100,000 and up to wiretap, hack, stalk and mercilessly bully in public and private settings. 

Pellicano would simply pay people to try to run the person over in public settings, with the hope it would look like an accident. He was later found guilty of wiretapping, hacking, identity theft and racketeering. Madonna and co., now use other private investigators such as Gavin DeBecker in America and Jonathan Rees in Britain, to name a few. 

My business, Sonustar, was completely destroyed, due to the "mafia tactics" Murdoch and Madonna have been engaging in against me, to steal my Copyrighted Catalog worth billions. Race and nationality have played a part in it as well, as indicated by the unprovoked racial slurs and nationality slurs from the Kabbalah members Madonna and co, have stalking and approaching me with threats, in acts of bullying and harassment. There was even an incident this year where they hacked a site I was about to launch, erased items and defaced it with the words "GO HOME." 

I am Jamaican and a naturalized U.S. citizen, who legally moved to America  at age 8, shortly after my grandmother died of cancer and my mom was looking for a new start, after taking care of her mother through the terrible illness, until my grandma passed away. In all my years of living in America, I had never experienced racial confrontations and slurs, until this case regarding Madonna and Murdoch and they should be very ashamed of that. They made it a race and nationality issue. I did not. They are trying to force me out of America (read further in the article for more on that).

Murdoch And Madonna Maliciously Got An Australian Pop Radio Show To Contact Me As A Means Of Harassment

Madonna (I call her the "Cloverfield" monster for being such an obsessive stalker, using people to do her dirty work)

To further illustrate the harassment, nastiness and sheer abusiveness that has transpired against me unprovoked, Murdoch, a known racist, in tandem with Madonna, a woman known for exploiting black people, got a radio station in his home country of Australia, called Nova 919, to contact me by email, trying to set me up on a radio show that was airing a paid for segment devoted to Madonna and her family and friends, when I am neither. 

They wanted to get me on the air, to their audience of millions, to harass me with some foolishness that madwoman and Murdoch concocted and asked them to do, which is illegal, especially in tandem with the financial and social crimes Madonna and Murdoch have been committing against me, in trying to criminally shake loose ownership of my Copyrighted Catalog. My dad advised me not to go on the radio show (he is a disc jockey and thought the entire thing unprofessional) which confirmed my suspicions, so I didn't do the show, which had a strange lead in segment regarding me. 

It was intended to cause me maximum distress and due to the fact it crossed state lines in America and roped in a radio station in another nation, Australia, numerous federal and international laws were broken. Targeting and harassing a black immigrant you are robbing of valuable copyrights, in a bid to publicly humiliate and degrade her into legal silence, constitutes stalking, cyber stalking, harassment, conspiracy, racketeering and violations of the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

Forcing Me Out Of America

Madonna/Kabbalah and Murdoch and co., are forcing me out of America, a country I have lived since I was 8-years-old, as they want to continue criminally stealing my copyrights and deem I am in the way, from too much of a central location (America). The harassment, threats and human rights abuses, have been relentless and getting exponentially worse in achieving this sick goal. Some very foul things are being done by them, indicating how extremely sick, greedy and depraved they are. 

They've also repeatedly tried to have my websites removed from the internet, due to the massive amount of people worldwide reading about their criminal misconduct against me, as if the law does not apply to me and I not only have no right to own property of any kind, I also apparently have no right to free speech or privacy (see phone hacking, wiretapping and hacking, among other things). They've made a number of attempts to remove the sites, in criminal violation of the U.S. Constitution, in incidents that constitute fraud. 

When you think about the fact that a person can work for over two decades to build their life and valuable work in a country, as I have in America, then lazy, reprehensible criminals in the corporate sector, Madonna and Murdoch and their associates, decide they are going to destroy and brutalize me, to fully steal my Copyrighted Catalog, in a bid to get richer, it is a stark reminder there is no justice to be had in society when such people are allowed to run loose, due to bribes they issue to law enforcement and big donations to members of Congress and political candidates. Both Murdoch and Madonna have been credibly outed for issuing bribes to police and government members in America, Britain and Malawi.

I was known as a child prodigy. I have been practicing and studying music since I was four years old. I began writing music and screenplays as a minor. I have been copyrighting work with the Library of Congress since I was 14-years-old. This has been my life's work and for people like Madonna, Murdoch and their associates to decide they want to destroy me for it and push me out of a country I have lived for years, of all things, because their parents clearly raised animals instead of human beings with respect for other people's lives, property and well-being, is disgraceful. 

When I think about the sheer amount of evil that has been done to me, for simply lawfully attempting to start my own record label and film company in Miami, outside of the system in Hollywood, California  and them robbing and trying to kill me for it, I am astonished that any group of people, daring to call themselves human beings, could be so reprehensible in trying to go to such lengths to destroy another person.

What an injustice, but clearly the government is pleased with it and supports it, as they had many chances to stop the crimes and correct them, but went along with it.   


Robert S. Mueller

In 2006, I went to the worldwide investigative firm, Kroll, to retain them to do work regarding the case, as it began to pose a risk to my very life. They contacted the Miami FBI, who told them to stand down, as they are investigating, but years later, they keep looking the other way the crimes being committed against me, to aide the aforementioned criminals in stealing my intellectual property.

I went to the Miami FBI regarding the aforementioned case in November of 2005. Two agents said the agency would investigate. The Minneapolis FBI sent me a letter in July 2006, stating I am a " victim of crime." The whole time I was promised they would investigate and give me a report on the case, yet 5-years-later, they haven't made a single move and the crimes in the case against me have gotten infinitely worse and more brazen, threatening my very existence. 

Initially, in September 2005, I wrote a letter to the head of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller, regarding the case and included credible proof and he never responded. When I called the FBI weeks later, they told me to go to the local office. I was credibly told by one of my sources responsible for some of my exclusives, that have all been proven 100% true and correct after I published time stamped articles online containing them, the head of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller, took a bribe from Madonna and co., to suppress the case. I was told there is a financial paper trail there as well.  

And donít believe the FBI is unable to investigate and bring justice in cases of phone hacking, hacking, wiretapping, stalking and harassment. They know what Murdoch/ Madonna/Kabbalah have been doing and commissioning from the start and who they use to undertake the hacks, harassment, phone hacking and wiretapping ect...

Case in point, look at the recent case regarding celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Scarlet Johansson, among others being hacked, phone hacked, wiretapped and cyber stalked. Within days the entire FBI knew who did it. Within weeks he was arrested and indicted.  

What a nasty message to send to the nation and the world. Vain, lewd celebrities, who are usually showing more skin on television than good judgment are phone hacked, hacked wiretapped and cyberstalked, with their private information stolen by a hacker and disclosed online and the case is immediately investigated by the FBI with an indictment and arrest ensuing within weeks.

However, a black immigrant that has lived in America since she was a kid is criminally robbed, hacked, phone hacked, wiretapped, assaulted and nearly killed in attempted vehicular homicide by known criminals and nothing comes of it in the justice system, in support of thieving Hollywood stars and their corporate affiliates.

The Government Knows But Looks The Other Way

I wrote to President Barack Obama about the case, due to the overwhelming evidence indicating a threat to my life and safety, but as many others in the nation who wrote to him found out and went public regarding, he looks the other way. He just doesn't care. A grassroots campaign by the people put him in office and the same can vote him out.

The Judiciary Report's stats reflect visits to this site from the White House, FBI, DOJ, many members of Congress and others in the government, yet they all look the other way to these terrible crimes, which sends an awful message. In fact, I can list instances where members of government in Washington have quoted verbatim from my published, time stamped political articles, read by millions, attributing it to themselves in their public speeches. 

All this stealing people like Madoff, Stanford, Murdoch, Madonna and hundreds of  other financial fraudsters/ thieves in the corporate sector have been engaging in, is not making America better. In letting financial fraudsters like them rob and gouge the public, America has reached its lowest financial ebb in history, in a decline that has not slowed down, surpassing the Great Depression in many ways. 

This corrupt mentality the government is operating under is going to completely destroy the U.S. economy at the hands of prominent thieves, while the majority of citizens and residents suffer new, undue financial hardships, under the 2008 financial crisis that continues to this very day.  

As stated, all of this criminal misconduct, mainly the thievery in this regard, has delayed my forthcoming life saving patents. The government knows this, but is more interested in protecting their campaign donors, Murdoch and Madonna, in order to stay in office, than the health and lives of the general public. They don't care about your health. Vote them out! 


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