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More On Britney Spears' Ex-Bodyguard's Lawsuit

September 10. 2010

Britney Spears is in the Satanic Kabbalah cult that engages in occult rituals that have made people mentally ill 

If there is one thing a Hollywood star does not like, it is for their misdeeds to be publicly uncovered, especially in a court of law. It has prompted some stars to bribe judges, via their lawyers, to have cases thrown out.

Poor excuse for a singer, Britney Spears, is enraged regarding the lawsuit her former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, filed against her, alleging she sexually harassed him and crazily cursed at him for no reason. 

Flores contends in his lawsuit, Spears repeatedly disrobed in front of him, inviting the bodyguard to have sex with her, but he kept rejecting her advances. He alleges she even had sexual intercourse in front of him and her children on more than one occasion.

Fernando Flores

During that time period, Spears was being bashed on many websites for not being attractive anymore, having let her looks go. Spears would wander around with unwashed, unkempt, matted hair, stained, ill fitting clothes, spotty skin and poorly applied make-up, which made her the butt of jokes on just about every pop culture blog in existence, some of which she regularly reads. 

Spears even made mention of the negative public comments, in an interview with "Today Show" host Matt Lauer. As a result of the criticism about her appearance, she publicly and privately pursued a number of men to boost her deflated ego, in a bid to reassure herself. However, she overdid it.  

Flores also stated in his lawsuit, Spears viciously abused her small children, Sean and Jayden. He alleges, she fed them seafood they are allergic to and barred anyone from giving them medical assistance, when they began vomiting. He recalled an incident, where Spears angrily beat her 2-year-old son with a belt.  

Spears drove the wrong way down a one way street in Atlanta, terrifying her kids

Spears denied the claims in Flores' lawsuit, by pretending she could not harm a fly, nor would she proposition anyone, when the entire world watched as she chased after men she'd just met and separately, physically assaulted a paparazzi and took her own kids hostage, forcing the police to rescue them from their mentally ill mother's clutches. 

Do remember, this is the same Spears that drank alcohol and smoked while pregnant and nearly dropped her baby on the hard New York concrete in clear sight of photographers. She constantly drove with her children unsecured and exposed them to wild tirades and mental breakdowns, which saw her committed to mental hospitals. 

Spears has been so promiscuous, she began having sex with a paparazzo, Adan Ghalib, who she had just met on the streets of Los Angeles. Yet, in the face of said facts, she wants the world to believe she would never sexually harass a bodyguard, when she repeatedly went after man after man, in public, like a sexual predator.

Adan Ghalib and Britney Spears

She would grope herself during fashion shoots and expose her bare genitals in public, which are signs of mental illness, but now wants the world to believe, she is incapable of the misconduct her bodyguard alleges. Get real, Britney.

If her dad, Jamie Spears, hadn't forced her into an involuntary conservatorship, at age 25, which are for mentally incapacitated people or those who are minors, under 18 and unable to make proper decisions, she would have died from the psychotic things she was engaging in. 

TMZ revealed, Spears is on several anti-psychotic medications along with anti-depressants. This is being done to control her schizophrenia, as a form of sedation. Doctors don't dole out psych meds, especially in the aforementioned quantities, for people that don't need them, nor do they admit individuals to psychiatric hospitals, in her case, twice, unless there is reason. Spears clearly met the criteria.  

The truth needs to come out regarding her behavior, especially in relation to her children. There has been talk of Spears wanting the conservatorship she in currently under to end, which can't be good news for her children. If she stops taking her medication, she will revert to her old depraved conduct and could fatally harm them.


Britney Spears' Deteriorated Mental State

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